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It consists of two types of member.


Certified Members

In order to become a certified member, the person must complete the intensive training workshop provided by the board and pass the certification exam under IC&RC and HKAPSAC.

All members are subject to renewal their membership every 2 years under the criteria of 30 continue education points.

Affiliate Members

The person who is working with clients with addition problem, but not yet to achieve the certification, and would like to pursue the career into a certified drug/alcohol addiction counselor can register with us.

Application for Certified Member or Affiliate Member, please download application form here.


Ordinary Members

The person, aged at 16 or above, would like to learn more about drug/alcohol addiction or any kind of addictions can register with us.

Application for Ordinary Member, please download application form here.

**Application for changing type of membership subject to Association’s approval.**


Why do I need to register as a member with you?

The advantage is that you will be kept informed of the latest development on Certification and invited to participate on coming seminar or training workshop. We offer reduced fees for members to attend the training or seminar talk.

Any professionals who want to register with HKAPSAC are welcome to download the application for membership and then return to us via web email or by post.

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